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How many countries/regions can participate?

Approximately 15 countries / regions.


How many children per country can participate?

5 children + 1 chaperon can take part in the fair, generally.


How will the participating children be selected in each country?

They are selected by tests, essay contests and so forth. Some of them are selected on the recommendation of club teams.


Do the participants have to bear expenses for attending the Fair?

Participants do not bear expenses.


Is there any qualification required for participation?

Participating boys and girls must be 10 to 11 years old. Whether the participants have experience playing baseball or not has nothing to do with the qualification. (Participants are not required to bring baseball equipment) Interest in baseball and good character are more important.


What type of accommodations do the participants stay?

They stay at such as a Youth Center or a Seminar House to share rooms regardless the nationalities.


Who take care of the participating children from the overseas?

One adult attendant (chaperon) travels with them and take care of them with local bilingual staff.


How will the Baseball Clinics be conducted?

The participating children are taught the basics of baseball by coaches nominated by the World Baseball Softball Confederation. It is the intention of the coaches that the participating children, including those who have never held a baseball, will experience the joy of baseball, and become able to play baseball by the end of the clinics. The participating children will also have the opportunity of getting to know each other, and foster international friendships.